"Old Testament" (2016)

Van Gogh famously referred to painting as a 'small light in a dark world.' Using a combination of gouache, oil pastel and collage, I have tried to illuminate this selection of Old Testament narratives in order to evoke the initial emotional response that I had to these stories when I first encountered them as a child at school In practical terms, what you see is the culmination of a process that began with the depiction of one image, Samson and the Lion. Through that early painting I found I could tell the story using an imaginative and novel technique- a combination of paint, oil pastel and collage. Through colour and luminosity I want express the spiritual aspect of the work and felt that this would be particularly effective in an ecclesiastical setting. The energetic use of line injects a tension, and delivers an electrical charge to the whole. It should also suggest an outside force, a charge or impulse that goes through all living things emanating from the Almighty; in the Old Testament context an 'admonishing force'. The three-dimensional nature of collage generates a physical aversion to the plague of lice and flies. It is as if past horrors are projected into the present, forcing the onlooker to interact with the work and subject matter in real time.



   Mixed media

   de beauvoir church

Old testament