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genealogy son of david jesus abraham isaac jacob family tree judah boaz obed jesse father of david. genealogy david solomon zerubbabel zadok eliud joseph family baby jesus mary and joseph jehosophat uzziah ahaz hezekiah amon josiah after the exile babylon holy spirit mary birth of jesus herod chief priests bethlehem magi wise men joseph bethlehem dream egypt flight to egypt massacre of the innocents herod's soldiers joseph's dream angel warned nazareth john the baptist repent voice of one calling in the wilderness baptism jordan river repentance confess and be baptised pharisees and saducees brood of vipers stones children for abraham fruit in keeping with repentance baptism with fire baptism of jesus river jordan dove this is my son desert temptation hand on serpent lion devil hungry bread jesus in the desert it is written throw yourself down kingdoms of the world bow down and worship me angels devil left him capernaum people living in darkness jesus preaching repent for the kingdom of heaven is near calling fishermen come follow me fishers of men peter andrew james john zebedee nets preaching healing galilee crowds teaching multitude mountainside beatitudes blessed poor in spirit theirs is the kingdom of heaven beatitude those who mourn comforted the meek inherit the earth hunger and thirst for righteousness they will be filled the merciful shown mercy pure in heart they will see god peacemakers sons of god persecuted rejoice reward in heaven persecution of the prophets salt of the earth light of the world show your light before men light shine good deeds law law and the prophets subject to judgement murder raca reconciliation settle out of court prison adultery lust sin divorce oaths swearing by heaven by jerusalem do not swear eye for an eye tooth for a tooth do not resist go the extra mile cloak love thy neighbour good and evil pray for those who persecute you be perfect adam and eve man and woman acts of righteousness left hand right hand give in secret reward announced with trumpets pray in secret hypocrites synagogues seen by men close the door pray on street corners lord's prayer our father how to pray don't babble forgiveness daily bread your kingdom come on earth as in heaven fasting disfigured faces in secret treasure on earth treasure in heaven where your treasure is eyes lamp of the body darkness two masters god and mammon do not worry lilies of the field birds of the air ye of little faith seek first his kindom plank speck beam mote do not judge hypocrite dogs swine pearls trample sacred discernment ask and you will find knock door will open fish stone snake good gifts sum up narrow gate destruction false prophets wolves sheep's clothing bad fruit good fruit by their fruit cut down thrown in the fire lord do his will in your name away from me! wise and foolish builders foundation rock sand fall authority leper leprosy i am willing be clean cured touch centurion paralysed servant fever mother-in-law demon-possessed spirits word isaiah took up infirmities foxes have holes son of man dead bury their dead choices follow me disciples storm waves calming boat rebuked the wind pigs violent gadarene son of god appointed time sins are forgiven blasphemy get up and walk ruler daughter faith not dead but sleeping bleeding touching cloak take heart blind belief spread news touching sight restored mute demon driven out speak healed pharisees compassion sheep without shepherd harvest is plentiful workers are few lord of the harvest preaching good news lost sheep israel kingdom of heaven peace shake the dust raise the dead drive out demons travel light sheep among wolves shrewd as snakes innocent as doves don't worry the spirit speaking through you stand firm betrayal rebellion hatred witnesses do not be afraid rooftops proclaim witness student teacher master beelzebub likeness sparrows hairs on head not peace but a sword division not worthy of me take his cross and follow me man against his father finding life will lose it losing life will find it for my sake prophet prophet's reward receiving kindness disciple the one blind receive sight lame walk deaf hear dead raised good news preached a reed swayed fine clothes messenger prepare the way least in the kingdom kingdom advancing elijah he who has ears children in the marketplace eating and drinking glutton and drunkard friend of sinners wisdom jesus denounces the cities no repentance tyre and sidon korazin bethsaida sodom praise father lord of heaven hidden from the wise reveled to children the father knows the son choose to reveal my yoke is easy come to me weary burdened find rest for your souls sabbath cornfields desecration desire mercy not sacrifice lord of the sabbath disciples eating corn withered hand do good sheep the law prophecy suffering servant god's chosen bruised reed divided kingdom strong man accused in league by the spirit of god blasphemy against the spirit against me for me forgiven good tree bad tree give account judgement shouse swept clean evil spirits wicked generation who is my mother brother the will of the father parable farmer sow seed sower seed stony ground weeds crop a hundredfold message metaphor wheat harvest tares growing together mustard seed tree yeast loaves dough parables explain good seed sons enemy harvesters burned end of age fiery furnace weeping and gnashing of teeth righteous pearl treasure value cost joy understanding the kingdom of heaven new treasures as well as old peter clare textile nativity baby hens guns peace on earth angel with guitar goldfinch symbolism wolf lying down with the lamb crown last supper glasses wine nibbles garden gethsemane feet drops of blood disciples asleep pilate arrested soldier cross staggering nails crucifixion thief crucified spark menorah 7-branched candlestick power station end of the world scythe walking on water 'come' visitors shade lazarus raising the dead road to emmaus hill road river trees mountain landscape water candlesticks 2-edged sword kitten follow devotion sea shore door evangelisation thrones sea of glass living creatures 24 elders torah elders lamb 7 horns 7 eyes worship scroll prayers animals throne 4 horsemen antichrist martyrs altar 5th seal white robe wrath of the lord 6th seal earthquake moon of blood stars fall the 144 000 four corners servants of god elect washed clean tabernacle incense trumpet first angel devastation on earth hail fire and blood third angel devastation burning rivers poison wormwood bitter waters darkening sun moon and stars fourth angel eagle eyes.woe angel flying car paint locusts fifth angel torment of men sixth angel angels of devastation army smoke and brimstone mighty angel little book pillars of fire rainbow two witnesses jerusalem abyss beast woman clothed with the sun crown of stars pregnant woman eagle's wings flood persecution mark of the beast 666 image of the beast harper voice of many waters hundred and forty four thousand redeemed seven golden bowls wrath of god seven angels plague vials wrath armgeddon wedding of the lamb banquet bride fine linen white horse faithful name written sword seventh vial hailstones lake of fire brimstone bottomless pit marriage supper new jerusalem new heaven and earth tree of life leaves fruit healing of nations crowns heaven israel messiah rapture resurrection caught up to heaven william blake eve serpent mural the cross faith hope and love 1 corinthians 13 all things must pass lute song third mode melody thomas tallis milton paradise lost satan garden of eden the bible and the arts edinburgh companion stephen prickett introduction arts biblical chain gang pieta lord harries michelangelo mary holding christ's body gresham college modern art in churches commissioning art the image of christ modern art religious themes in art contemporary artists challenge visual art religious themes in modern art early christian art first christian artists catacombs art jesus in art the image of jesus crucifixion in art passion jesus on the cross roger wagner contemporary art faith in art ben quash theology and art expressionism modernism faith and art the good the true and the beautiful beauty in art patterns perception of beauty god in nature theology of beauty resurrection in art stanley spencer cookham methodist art collection the gospel and art marc chagall new testament atonement jewish/christian understanding yellow crucifixion meditation the sublime theology of suffering renaissance painting and poetry the annunciation the bible biblical canon illuminated bible hebrew manuscripts king james bible medieval bibles early new testament old testament manuscripts greek manuscripts dead sea scrolls history of the bible test ignore genesis expulsion eden sistine chapel god adam lilith jewish folklore creation italian renaissance christianity andrea del sarto revelation madonna of the harpies madonna harpyiai uffizi christ child vasari greco-roman mythology devotional psalm 18:3 - 'i call upon the lord who is worthy to be praised and i am saved form my enemies.' 'set your mind on the things above not on the things that are on earth.' colossians 3:2 ephesians 1: 3- blessed be the god and father of our lord jesus christ. matthew 15:14 -if the blind lead the blind both will fall into a pit. revelation 2: 1-7- 'do the deeds you did at first or else i am going to you...' psalm 40:5 - there is none to compare with you. psalm 15: 2 - he who walks with integrity and works righteousness and speaks truth in his heart. psalm 40: 7- in the scroll of the book it is written of me. revelation 12:1- a great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and on he head a crown of twelve stars. revelation 1: 12 - and i turned to see the voice that was speaking with me and having turned i saw seven golden lampstands; suffering job job’s comforters restoration baptism of christ pencil drawing aberdeen art gallery crucifying christ reunion rejoicing dancing a village in heaven village green revelation 3:18 racism poor empty eyesight black rural industrial medal architecture voortrekker veteran figurative symbol symbolist expressionist holocaust religious symbolism abstract egg tempera collage annunciation acrylic liturgical response psalm old testament scenes from the old testament helen de sybel painting church art installation commentary exodus 7:20 moses helen de sybel scenes from the old testament genesis 22 abraham & isaac genesis 11: 1-9 the tower of babel babel exodus 12:12 the plague of lice & flies judges 14:14 samson and the lion genesis 19 lot lot leaves sodom john 8. 2-11 the woman taken in adultery psalm 115 v 13 donne holy sonnet 19 mixed media fear of god money changers cleansing temple lost mother graveyard cemetery soldiers via dolorosa illuminations hands papering over prodigal gap year journey nathaniel sleeping judas decision betrothal stations of the cross sentenced trial streetlamp legion st cedd essex builder glass chelmsford cathedral national gallery film carlo crivelli demidoff altarpiece piero della francesca national gallery films visitation miraculous conception elizabeth magnificat francesco zaganelli national gallery st john the baptist naming gerini giovanni di paolo predella panel cavalca leonardo da vinci virgin of the rocks bronzino garofolo moretto da brescia wilderness raphael parmigianino mola font william pye adam elseheimer john the baptist martyrdom caravaggio salome beheading puvis de chavannes salome ana maria pacheco severed head wilton diptych richard ii giovanni dal ponte manchester reredos childhood human and divine incarnation signs symbols snail crivelli iconography lorenzo di credi virgin and child filipo lippi metaphor of place symbolism of time ercole de'roberti 'the dead christ' 'deposition' master of the st bartholomew altarpiece on earth and in heaven jan provoost 'virgin and child in a landscape' ‘the virgin and child enthroned by cosimo tura’ ‘christ crowned with thorns’ dirk bouts visible and invisible the 'threshold' transcendence of god ‘the virgin and child with two angels’ andrea del verrocchio ‘the vision of the blessed gabrielle’ divine presence ‘the entombment’ blank space pointing to mystery of the divine gabriel luke joel 2 : 31 i peter 4:7 psalm 18 paper collage color www.saatchiart.com/christinewatson www.linkedin.com/in/christinewatsonartist www.facebook.com/christinewatsonartist genesis. creation. god rests. apostle. last supper. crucifixion. eucharist communion bread and wine body and blood broken sacrament nest crown of thorns nurture protection christingle climate change crisis real fruit blossom psalm 19 hear the heavens declare song folk song