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Revelation 14: 1-3


Chapter 14 is a connecting chapter. It forecasts the failure of the counterfeit trinity’s programme by showing the 144,000 Jewish evangelists with the lamb. It also is a last call for people on earth to receive the gospel. Chapter 14 also shows the results of the last seven judgements known as the ‘bowl judgements’ by explaining that all the nations that came up to do battle against Jerusalem will be extinguished and the blood of the armies will go for 200 miles and rise to the height of a horses bridle. Chapter 14 also gives assurance, encouragement and comfort to post-rapture saints who may be alive at this time in the second half of the ‘tribulation’.

harper voice of many waters hundred and forty four thousand redeemed


St Matthew 7:24-27


House on sand

wise and foolish builders foundation rock sand fall