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National Gallery film series: The Audacity of Christian Art with Chloë Reddaway - 3 Putting God in His place


How do artists handle the challenge of attempting to depict a figure who lived a human life on earth – at a specific time and in specific places – but who was simultaneously divine, beyond place and time? In this episode Chloë Reddaway shows how artists have used ‘place’ in their paintings to point to the limitations of our vision and understanding when pondering this mystery, focusing on the mysterious location of Lorenzo di Credi’s ‘The Virgin and Child’ (about 1480–5) and the spatial metaphors at work in Filippo Lippi’s ‘The Annunciation’ (about 1450–3). ‘The audacity of Christian art: The problem of painting Christ’ is a seven-part series in which Dr Chloë Reddaway, Howard and Roberta Ahmanson Curator in Art and Religion at the National Gallery, explores the theological and artistic challenges involved in painting Christ as fully human and fully divine, and reveals some of the ingenious and surprising ways in which Renaissance artists responded.

Lorenzo di Credi Virgin and Child Filipo Lippi Annunciation human and divine metaphor of place