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St Matthew 12:22-29


Jesus and Beelzebub

Jesus demon-possessed mute blind healed Son of David drive out demons divided Kingdom Beelzebub strong man Pharisees accused in league by the Spirit of God


St Matthew 9:32-34


The mute man speaks

mute demon-possessed demon driven out speak healed Pharisees


Revelation 16: 12-16


So much is happening at this point in chapters sixteen through nineteen. Towards the end of chapter sixteen was the sixth bowl judgement. The sixth bowl judgement was a call to the nations by three demons emanating from the counterfeit trinity to come to war against Jerusalem. This will be the third war of the tribulation period. The nations are deceived into coming. Babylon and the super church is destroyed in the middle part of the tribulation by AntiChrist who has consolodated his power over the remaining seven kings. (Rev. 17:13). He becomes the leader of the world and sets up his headquaters in Babylon. He has come out to meet the armies of the nations that he sent for to battle against Jerusalem in the Jezreel valley next to the town of Megiddo. When Babylon is destroyed AntiChrist does not turn back to defend his city. His agenda now with his two partners, is to finish off the Jewish people once and for all.

vials angels demon Armgeddon


St Matthew 8:28-35


The Gadarene Swine

pigs demon-possessed violent Gadarene Son of God Jesus appointed time