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Andrea del Sarto’s Madonna of the Harpies


An extract from chapter 5 of my book 'The Word made Visible in the Painted Image…' (Camb. Scholars Pub., January 2016). The extract looks at the iconography in Andrea del Sarto’s Madonna of the Harpies, discussed in the context of Revelation 9.

Andrea del Sarto Revelation Madonna of the Harpies Madonna Harpyiai Locusts Uffizi Christ Child Vasari Worship Greco-Roman mythology Christianity Devotional Angel


Revelation 2:4


I was having a holiday with my family, and was wondering how on earth to paint this scripture. I looked out of the window and watched my son Kyle with his little kitten walking on the sea shore. We were all laughing as this is not a normal place for a cat! However this kitten loves Kyle so much he goes wherever Kyle goes. It was Jeremiah 2:2; ‘I remember your devotion to me when you were young, how like a bride you loved me, how you followed me into the desert, to a land not sown’ .

kitten follow devotion sea shore