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Revelation 21: 1-4


The Book of Revelation gives some new information about the ‘New Jerusalem City’ which is the glorious eternal home and concerns itself mostly with this city. The rest of the Old Testament is mostly concerned with the ‘Millennial kingdom’ the thousand year reign of Christ that comes before the New Jerusalem abode. This is our glorious eternal home, the New Jerusalem, made of transparent gold. It is being viewed by John, who was taken to a high mountain to see it coming out of heaven. The city exists somewhere today. It has the appearance of a diamond and is also a cube. It has a height of 1200 miles, by the same width and depth. Possibly it looks like the longest skyscraper you ever saw! It has twelve pearly gates named after the twelve sons of Jacob, showing that the Jewish names will go on forever, however there is no mention of any functional difference between Jewish and other people. The city has twelve foundation stones, composed of precious stones. They are named after the twelve apostles. Isaiah chapter 54 vs. 12 ‘Oh afflicted city, unconsoled. I will lay your stones in the finest way. Your foundation stones of sapphire, Your windows will beam with rubies’.

New Jerusalem new heaven and earth


Revelation 11: 3-11


The figure is AntiChrist who was killed in the second World wide battle against the 10 kings (Daniel 11:45) but has been resurrected by Satan to continue with the similarity with Jesus. When he returns from the dead the ‘whole earth will wonder after the beast’ (Revelation 13:3) The Antichrist kills the two witnesses and there is general rejoicing in Jerusalem where they send each other presents. The witnesses lie for 3 days on the streets but then God breaths into them and they are resurrected and go up to be with God. The people become terrified. There is a huge earthquake in Jerusalem and 7,000 people are killed.

two witnesses Jerusalem abyss antichrist beast


St Matthew 5:33-37


Let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'

oaths swearing by heaven by Jerusalem do not swear