The Bible and trhe Arts
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Explore the full text of the Bible, illuminated by contributions of artworks and analysis related to or inspired by the Bible, searchable by reference chapter and verse - click texts on the navigation bar.

Search by tag, concept or author/artist through search or tag cloud on the navigation bar.

You can submit your own original work to the site – visual art, audio, text/pdf or video, against the relevant Bible verses or themes, by signing up and then following the steps in ‘how to use the site’ on the navigation bar. The submissions are considered by curators, and though not everything is accepted, we try to respond quickly.

Professor Stephen Prickett Editor: Professor Stephen Prickett MA, Ph.D, FAHA, FEA

How Biblical themes have been, and are, expressed in the various arts, can reveal a great deal about society past and present, and it is certain that this has had – and will continue to have - a measurable impact on Western civilisation as a whole.

When I edited ‘The Edinburgh Companion to the Bible and the Arts’ (2014), we considered the Bible in relation to a wide range of artistic practices and activities, past and present. How far might the 'arts' include literature, textual analysis, painting, sculpture, film, music and opera, theatre and performance, publishing, translation, digital and mass media ?  Not far in a book.  However, with this new digital project The Bible and the Arts, what were then glimpses through keyholes can become open doors onto a landscape that is, in theory, almost infinitely expandable, capable of covering both historical and contemporary works of art in all areas, in whatever depth is needed.

This is a project that depends upon its users for content and development: I recommend it to you, and invite you to sign up, whether you are an artist working in Bible iconography, a Bible scholar, or anywhere in between. The submissions are curated, but we particularly welcome personal and original responses to Bible verses, passages and themes.

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